Paleo Blueberry Vanilla Waffles


the ultimate battle: team pancakes or team waffles?

Honestly, I couldn’t choose. Its like asking someone to pick who there favorite child is… its impossi- just kidding i’m DEFINITELY team waffles. I used to prefer pancakes, but then i got the cutest mini waffle maker and now i’m hooked. I love how the toppings just sink into the holes, and how they always turn out perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!

These waffles are actually INSANE! The blueberries turn the batter a super awesome blue/green color, and the vanilla collagen creamer adds the best vanilla flavor! Plus they are gluten free, paleo friendly, and refined sugar free so whats NOT to love?!

paleo blueberry waffles

Paleo Blueberry Vanilla Waffles


-1/3 cup cassava flour (i measured to 48 grams since gluten free flours can be wacky)

-1 scoop Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer (optional-but recommended for vanilla flavoring. if not using-can sub with more flour any collagen but add vanilla extract)

-1/4 tsp baking soda

-1 egg and 1 egg white

-1/2 mashed banana

-1/8 cup cashew milk (can increase to 1/4 cup if you like a more liquid batter)

-1/4 cup frozen blueberries

(optional toppings- nut butter (RX bar vanilla almond butter pairs great!), granola (Purely Elizabeth blueberry is my go to with these), more frozen blueberries, and more banana)


  1. plug in waffle iron and heat up (mine has no temperature option, it just has one setting)
  2. mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, then add all wet ingredients besides frozen blueberries and mashed banana
  3. add mashed banana and combine, then all half of frozen blueberries and fold into batter
  4. spray waffle iron with nonstick, and slowly pour enough batter to cover center of waffle iron (don’t over-fill, nothing is worse than a waffle explosion!)
  5. cover and let cook until timer goes off (if i had to guess, 1-2 minutes)
  6. continue steps 4 and 5 until all the batter is used
  7. top it up! my favorite ways to top are with nut butter, the rest of the banana, granola, more frozen blueberries, or honey

Thats it! My favorite waffle recipe by far. I love having these on a weekend because I get to take my time making them, but you could totally prep them in advance and freeze them. Tag me in your recreations on Instagram if you try these out!


Ava(cado) 🙂

Paleo Apple Pie Breakfast Bake

There are some food combinations that just go together so well, and apple + cinnamon is on the top of that last-at least on the top of my list! In the winter I crave warm and comforting breakfasts, and my favorite way to do this is by making breakfast bakes! I like to bake them the night before and reheat them in the morning to save time, but any way you decide to make it it will turn out amazing!

I often get asked what to cook the bakes in- you can use any oven safe dish! Examples are glass pyrex bowls, Corning Ware, etc. Just be sure to check the bottom of the dish to ensure it is oven safe. Target and Home Goods always have plenty of options if you don’t have a dish at home. You can also make this in muffin tins and have a little muffin party!

paleo apple pie bake

Paleo Apple Pie Breakfast Bake


-1/4 cup of cassava flour

-1/8 cup of apple flour (i used the brand Hearthy Foods-the texture is very similar to coconut sugar! you could sub apple sauce and use less liquid if you can’t find this flour)

-1/2 scoop of your choice of protein powder (to make paleo use a paleo protein powder or collagen-i used SFH churro whey for the cinnamon flavor, so if yours isn’t flavored add extra cinnamon!)

-1/4 tsp each baking soda and baking powder

-1/2 mashed banana

-1/4 diced granny smith apple (any apple will do, these are just my favorites!)

-1/4 cup nut milk (I used Malk unsweetened cashew milk)

-1 egg white

-toppings: more cinnamon and nut butter (I used RX Bar Honey Cinnamon peanut butter-by far the best tasting nut butter i existence. SOOO creamy and the single serve packets make it super convenient)


  1. preheat oven to 375 and spray an oven safe dish with cooking spray (i used Chosen Foods avocado oil spray)
  2. mix dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls (leaving out apple)
  3. slowly add the dry to the wet, and stir to combine
  4. add 1/2 of your chopped apple and stir again
  5. pour mixture into oven safe dish and top off with rest of apple and more cinnamon
  6. bake for 20-25 minutes (check at 20 minutes to see if you need the extra 5 minutes, a toothpick should come out clean!)
  7. let cool for about 3 minutes, then top with nut butter
  8. enjoy and let your tastebuds be amazed!



well guys that was it! I hope you try out this recipe- it is one of my favorites! As always if you recreate this or are inspired by it- tag me on Instagram so I can give you some love in my stories!


Ava(cado) 🙂

Fudgey Secret Ingredient Chocolate Bread



Chocolate? A girls best friend.

Avocado? Also a girls best friend.

Fudgey chocolate avocado bread? That is true love.

Im a big avocado gal-hence the name-but i always ate it on toast or with meals. Never had i ever thought of baking with it-until now! This bread is super tasty, and super easy to throw together! The hardest part is not eating the whole thing in one sitting, hah!

The ‘secret ingredient’ is the avocado, because you would never guess that such a staple savory food could make such a sweet loaf! Plus it adds a nice dose of healthy good-for-you fats!

avo loaf

This loaf is gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free, and paleo friendly, but it doesn’t taste like it!

Fudgey Secret Ingredient Chocolate Loaf



-2 ripe avocados

-3 eggs

-1/2 cup maple syrup


-1/4 cup cassava flour

-2 scoops of Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Creamer (can sub any collagen, but this adds an insane vanilla flavor-so add some vanilla extract if using plain)

-1/2 cup cacao powder (can sub coco powder too, I don’t even notice a difference as long as there is no sugar added)

-1 tsp baking soda

Optional (but necessary for chocolate lovers)

-1/3 cup any type of chocolate you like (i’ve used chopped up bars, but in this picture i used enjoy life allergy friendly chocolate chips-if looking for paleo friendly options Hu Kitchen and Living Raw or Loving Earth are all safe bets!)


  1. preheat oven to 350
  2. in a food processor, blend up the avocados until creamy.
  3. add in eggs and maple syrup, then blend until combined
  4. in another small bowl, add in dry ingredients and wisk until combined
  5. transfer in wet to dry, and wisk until combined and creamy
  6. pour in mixture into a silicon bread mix (i found mine in the easter section of target, but amazon has many too! i prefer this since it is a way easier clean up and no parchment or oils are required)
  7. top with chocolate (if using)
  8. bake for 30 min, check with toothpick to ensure it is cooked all the way through
  9. wait until cooled to slice-it will be moist but after it is cooled it firm up
  10. enjoy!

more loaf

I hope you all try out this recipe-such a fun way to use over-ripe avocados instead of guacamole! As always-feel free to DM me or comment with any questions, and if you recreate it tag me on instagram so i can give you some love in my stories!

(ps my mom brought some to work and they are co-worker approved!)


Ava(cado) 😉

Full Day of Eats: track workout and lift day edition

Hey guys! i get a TON of DMs asking me what I eat to fuel my runs and just life in general, so I figured the easiest way to give that to you all would be through a blog post! I’m planning on keeping this up, and doing various editions (school, race day, rest day, long run day, day before a race, etc).

I’d like to put a little disclaimer out first: this is the style of eating that works for me. You might crave more or less, and even need more or less. You might want and need less or more fruit, less or more protein, etc. I’m just giving you an example day of what I really eat, because this is REALLY what I ate today! My best answer to “well how much should I eat?” is to just listen to your body. Eat what you crave when you crave it, but at the same time focus on REAL foods full of nutrients and flavor. With that being said, lets get on with it!



I had my track workout early this am. I normally am not a fan of eating anything before my runs if i’m doing them before 7, just because i’m not all that hungry and I don’t notice a difference. Instead, i drink a small glass of water and have a pack of run gum (caffeine gum because i’m addicted to it).

If you get hungry before a workout in the morning- have something light like PB toast or oatmeal!



Since i’m on spring break, I didn’t have to prep anything the night before, and i got to enjoy making my breakfast once I got home. I ended up putting in about  8 miles worth of work, so after coming home and stretching/rolling, I was ready for breakfast! I ate this at about 8:30!

fdoe breakfast

Todays breakfast of choice- a sweet and savory plate!

1 egg and 1 egg white soft scramble topped with red pepper flakes, half an avocado topped with everything bagel seasoning, and 2 slices of my Paleo Sweet Potato Banana Bread (recipe will be up on here soon!) topped with RX bar honey cinnamon peanut butter and bee pollen.         not pictured- 1 banana and a glass of coconut water for electrolytes, and then come coffee!

( i notice i always crave eggs after hard runs, probably because my body knows that a whole egg is the most easily absorbed protein out there-gotta get those muscles recovered!)



After breakfast, I took some time to clean up and chill. Then I drove to the gym to lift! I loveee lifting weights, I feel like such a stronger runner when i do! With warming up and cooling down, i was there for about an hour. I drove home and showered, then started making my lunch (because shocker- I was hungry again!) I ended up eating this around noon.

fdoe lunch

I went with a loaded snack style plate and it hit the spot!

1 cara cara navel orange sliced up, some mixed spring greens, 2 slices of roasted turkey breast (found at whole foods-only ingredients are turkey and salt!), air fryer sweet  potatoes, and some hummus

Cara cara navel oranges are life-perfectly sweet and sour, i try to have one every day to fully enjoy them while they are in season!

Snacky Snacky Number 1

After lunch I went and got my nails done then came home and worked on my blog! Around 3:15 or so I started feeling hungry so I went downstairs and grabbed my go-to snack- Alyssa’s cookies! They are seriously the best thing ever- made with really clean ingredients but they taste like a warm cookie! I had 4 cookies, and no joke this is my snack every single day. Super easy to take with me to school!

fdoe snack



The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, so i’ll just skip ahead to dinner. I always like to pick up at least 2 meals during the week from snap kitchen to reward myself on my hard workout days, because they are also the busiest! I could have easily made myself something since i’m on break, but I just couldn’t resist!



Snap Kitchen Turkey Chili with Beans

Aka crack- it is sooo good, I shamelessly eat it all year round!


Night Snack

On the ole instagram, eating at night is very controversial. I for one am ALL for it, mainly because I HATE going to bed hungry and waking up in the middle of the night starving. I like to have a decent sized snack to keep my metabolism running while I sleep, and to make sure my body has enough fuel to recover my muscles (since they worked dang hard today!)


Bowl of cottage cheese with banana, puffed kamut, cinnamon and honey. Then a pack of Buckwhat oatmeal raisin noshes with almond butter.

If you are looking for a bomb snack combo-try the cottage cheese puffed kamut cinnamon banana honey mixture- ITS AMAZING!


Well guys- that was it! This is everything I ate today! I hope you enjoyed reading and got inspired to try some new meals or snacks. As always-if you have questions just send me a DM on instagram- @avacadoeats

Remember to fuel your body regardless of your workouts for the day-and to eat real and real good foods!